Launching ampuTeez was not what you'd expect!

Bad nerves, butterflies, trembling hands, sweat, nausea... that's just a handful of side effects I was going through when preparing my first post to social media... in my UNDERWEAR! So many people know about my leg, but then again so many people don't, and a lot of those that do have never seen it. I considered not going through with it, but that would've gotten me nowhere and not allowed me to hopefully help and encourage anyone else.

I couldn't help but think what if people don't like it? What if I get backlash for not telling people about my leg? What if close friends and family are upset that I didn't tell them about this new journey? What if it ends up on some meme making fun of people? Yeah well...that hasn't happened!

I have never been so overwhelmed with positivity in my life, the endless messages, likes, phone calls, text messages, shares, reposts, etc. I've received in the past 24 hours is simply unreal. The Amputee Coalition of America posted my picture and the response has been insane, I can't wait to attend the yearly conference this June and connect with so many people. My mother tried to get me to attend the conference for years and I just wouldn't do it, and now I'm counting down the days!


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