I know what I'm doing this summer!

I'm super excited to participate as a volunteer camp counselor at Camp No Limits this summer in Burton, Texas. The camp is specially designed to offer a unique experience for amputees and their family members through peer support, recreational activities and prosthetic education. Their main goal is to optimize independence of kids living with limb loss.

So basically, I get to spend four days of fun with a group of amazing kids like me! At their age I wasn't exposed to any amputee camps, likely because they didn't exist at the time, but I can't even imagine the experience of being able to meet other kids who are also amputees. I didn't know any amputees as a child and it makes it tough when you don't have anyone to relate to or look up to. I hope to show kids you can succeed in life, stay active and fit, fall in (and out!) of love, run, jump, swim, climb waterfalls and aspire to achieve whatever you wish. Although, something tells me I'll likely end up gaining more from the experience than they will, which excites me even more.

Unfortunately many kids are unable to attend due to the cost of camp, I have started a fundraising page which you can donate to in order to help me send as many kids as possible. The cost per child is $250, but any amount you are willing and able to give is greatly appreciated.

To see pictures from camp, take a look at their Instagram and Facebook pages.

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  • Melanie

    Camp No Limits is lucky to have you Cait!

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