Fancy Feet

The revision I had on my leg a few years ago allowed more foot options for me, finally.  I now have the luxury of a heel height adjustable foot.  Unfortunately/fortunately I can’t wear much higher than a 2.5” heel because my stump is still rather long, but it’s something.  Frankly, I’m not sure how women wear heels anyway, they’re painfully uncomfortable!

If you don’t have a heel height adjustable foot, I suggest getting one.  As long as you adjust it to the right height it is comfortable.  I only wear wedges and shoes with chunky heels, I’ll save myself the embarrassment of falling in a stiletto, plus it’s really not my style.  I will let you know though, if you put a cosmetic cover over it, have your WD-40 ready.  The component will begin to get a little rusty making it more difficult to adjust.  But we’re amputees, we can handle it.

At one point in my life my shoe collection consisted mostly of sneakers, not anymore.

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