Be Grateful

I have quite a few girlfriends who hate how large their feet are, others who wish they were curvier, another handful who pray for a better grade of hair, and so on.  Hell, all of us, especially women constantly nitpick ourselves on what could be better.  Be grateful.

This is not a blurb on pity, but let’s be honest, if you have all of your body parts, you are damn lucky.  I’ve met amputees without both legs, I met a guy without arms or legs, and they’re all still living.  And quite honestly, amputees don’t even have it bad compared to all of the other terrible things that can happen to a person.  

I think it’s important to constantly remind ourselves of how good we really do have it and how most of it resides within ourselves to just think positively.  As I’ve mentioned before, everything you’re not makes you everything you are (hat’s off to Kanye West, the originator of this statement).

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