An open letter to designers

Have you ever noticed about 95% of long skirts and dresses with slits have the slit on the left side?  If you’re an amputee on the left side, I’m sure you have.  I typically wear long skirts and dresses that cover my left leg.  Not necessarily because I want to hide it, but I’m very into fashion and would prefer people to be admiring my outfit and not my prosthesis, which tends to steal the show when exposed.  I can’t tell you how many skirts I wear backwards to get the slit on the right side.

Also, can we get more fashionable flip flops that have a back?!  Amputees can’t wear flip flops, we can’t hold them on!  Cute sandals aren’t as hard to find as they used to be, but the easier we can get them on and off, the better!

Boots need zippers!  All you normal people, try putting your boots on without pointing your toes...don’t worry...I’ll wait.  I sure hope amputees have access to large shoe retailers like DSW with many options, it can get difficult.  However, I do find Aldo typically has zippers in their boots.

To the fashion designers reading this, I understand it is all about the look, but please for the sake of all amputees, give us a little bit of function too.

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