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My Ode to Camp No Limits

As expected, I truly believe I got more out of Camp No Limits than the kids who attended.  Camp No Limits is put on by the No Limits Limb Loss Foundation to educate and empower young children with missing limbs through physical activity, peer support and all around fun.   Upon pulling into the gates of our camp site, Camp For All, in Burton, Texas I was beyond amazed.  This was unlike any other camp I had attended.  The cabins looked like large homes, I saw ropes courses, basketball courts, a resort-like pool, paved walkways, a massive dining hall and the list goes on.  I later learned Camp for All was specifically designed for people with disabilities in mind to encourage growth in self...

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Launching ampuTeez was not what you'd expect!

Bad nerves, butterflies, trembling hands, sweat, nausea... that's just a handful of side effects I was going through when preparing my first post to social media... in my UNDERWEAR! So many people know about my leg, but then again so many people don't, and a lot of those that do have never seen it. I considered not going through with it, but that would've gotten me nowhere and not allowed me to hopefully help and encourage anyone else. I couldn't help but think what if people don't like it? What if I get backlash for not telling people about my leg? What if close friends and family are upset that I didn't tell them about this new journey? What if...

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My Story

I reached my teenage years and everything changed.  I became an amputee long before then due to a condition I was born with known as pseudarthrosis of the tibia, which led to the amputation of my left foot by the age of four.  I don’t remember nearly as much about my childhood as I believe I should due to quite a bit of anesthesia throughout that time, but I do remember and have heard I was always a happy and active kid (at least active when I could be).  I knew I was different, but something happened internally as a teenager.  I wanted to understand why me, I wanted two feet, I wanted to run as fast as the other...

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